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systemd Drive Auto-Mounting

[*NIX] 2024-04-08

A nicer way to deal with my external SSD

Burst Mode: Accurate or Awful?

[AUDIO] 2024-04-01

An investigation into the EAC modes.

Demystifying ReplayGain

[AUDIO] 2024-03-03

A confusing system with patchy support

Hazel goes to see Enter Shikari

[AUDIO] 2024-02-11

Writings from my first time at a concert!

Re-testing MS Office on Linux


Has the situation improved from Wine 6.x to 8.21?

How I consume music

[AUDIO] 2023-12-19

The ins and outs of my local music library

A not-retrospective: 2023

[WELLBEING] 2023-12-09

A year...

A stationary opinions info dump


Lord help me this is not normal

My half-term project - An audio codec

[MATH][AUDIO] 2023-10-29

The written portion of this project.

An evaluation of Kagi


I am not awake properly but I am intrigued.

I'm on Software Hiatus


I cannot do this currently.

I'm here. I can also not be.

[WELLBEING] 2023-09-14

Some thoughts on support.

Uploading music to Apple Music

[*NIX][WINE] 2023-08-07

From Bandcamp checkout to Apple Music streaming (on Linux!)

How to make a Michiru

[*NIX] 2023-07-20

The coming together of my server

What's the fastest F# runtime?

[PERF] 2023-05-13

Perf testing the many F# runtimes

The many faces of WebAuthn


The differing experiences of WebAuthn

On the performance of web applications

[*NIX][PERF] 2023-03-28

Overhead and performance ramblings

Can YOU tell audio codecs apart?


Audiophiles love to talk about lossless. Here's proof they're usually full of shit.

The Oxidation Pt. 2 - Bending Rust to my will

[RUST][OXIDATION] 2023-03-03

Rust series post on proc macros

Quite Okay Pixel-Art Video Compression

[GRAPHICS] 2023-03-02

A toy video codec based on QOI

The Oxidation Pt. 1 - The Reference Dance

[RUST][OXIDATION] 2023-02-10

Rust series post on memory, ownership, and mutability

The Oxidation Pt. 0 - Intro

[RUST][OXIDATION] 2023-02-10

Welcome to a series of blog posts on Rust.

A proof that all roots of primes are irrational

[MATH] 2023-02-06

A little proof exercise I thought was neat

Proving the parabola of connected intervals

[MATH] 2023-02-02

A worksheet oft used as an exercise for kids hides some elegant maths.

5 things I learned from TimezoneDB


A hard lesson learned in software development

The why behind shelter

[MODDING] 2023-01-20

Why is shelter like it is, instead of like most other client mods?

A look back on 2022


It's been a hell of a year for me, as well as a weird one.

Running iTunes on Linux

[*NIX][WINE] 2022-12-19

Despite this being incredibly niche, what if we could run real iTunes on Linux?

The art of remix album covers

[DESIGN] 2022-11-10

Sometimes remix albums have great covers, let's talk about it.

Two "beginner" 3D printers

[3DPRINT] 2022-10-31

My experience with the XYZ Da Vinci nano and Creality Ender 3 V2

The Way of the Land, and the 11th cross...

[*NIX][GRAPHICS] 2022-10-30

The display servers of free unix, and their advantages

Chunky bacon!

[META] 2022-10-24

Is this thing on...? Yeah maybe. I think so.