I’m on Software Hiatus

…and I’m finally “man” enough to admit to myself that I can’t do this.

Writing good software (note the good there) is pretty difficult. It requires focus, energy, time, effort, and motivation.

And here’s the thing. I’m missing most of these. I have been for too long.

My study suffered last year as a result of throwing time at programming. Point 1 for it needs to go.

For the past ~6 months my motivation and energy have been at an all-time low too! Another problem for the quality of the code, and just doing it in the first place.

Finally, focus. I started writing code a couple of days ago. My focus was not good enough, I stopped myself for writing spaghetti.

After months and months I’ve finally committed. No more software. It’s not helpful to me right now, and it’s hard because this is my hobby, but my education must be first.

And now, Discord Modding

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the Discord modding community, which I am a part of.

I am honestly pretty happy that the client mod I maintain is unpopular.

The more populous parts of this community, tend to have pretty painful servers to be in. None of the projects are inherently bad, but for years BD has had a reputation of having idiotic users and honestly, this kind of thing just comes with popularity. BD is only an example.

The Vendetta server is the one I’m most active in and from what I can tell its constant putting-out-fires. I feel bad for them.

The obvious thing for me to mention right now is very recent drama between two people but honestly, screw that. This isn’t the place and I have no opinion on the matter.

If every other client mod broke overnight and shelter became popular, I would probably be forced to make time, fix its problems, and take an active role in the client modding space again.

But for now, blissful present, in the zen of having very little users, I am pretty happy to pretty much not be in the community anymore.

I’ve been a popular CC plugin developer. I’ve been a temporary project lead for CC. I maintain a client mod right now. But I don’t think I fit into the community much anymore.

uwu.network has become its own thing. I see people from other areas of the client modding wider space around, sure, sure, but I’m pretty proud to say that my home on the internet is not Discord client modding, it’s uwu.network.

And that’s a weight lifted off for dropping coding for now. If things go to plan, about 9 months.


If shelter suddenly blows up, it won’t be abandoned. It won’t be tirelessly maintained and worked on, but it was built to be resilient and it is.

It’ll get fixes it sorely needs, maybe APIs to make things easier for more devs and to open the possiblities of plugins. I am still here and competent. My friends in uwunet are still here and competent. It’ll be okay.

But in the current climate I think this is for the better. Not for users of my stuff, but for me.

One final thing. Nobody ever sent anything anyway and that’s fine, I don’t deserve shit :p but as I’m not writing any software atm, and that’s what I give away to the world for free, I’ll be closing GH Sponsors and Kofi for now.

If you are a user of shelter, I’m sorry. If you’re just reading this randomly, thanks for listening to my screaming into the void.

I hope you’ll stick around

— sink