A not-retrospective: 2023

It’s insane that it’s that time again. Wow. I’m a lil early at the 9th but who’s counting? Last year I posted this on the 31st December, in fact it’s been 343 days since then as I write this. It feels like 2 months.

Well, last year I broke down a load of events that happened and a load of projects I worked on. Very neat, very efficient. That is such a 2022-me thing to do, aw look, cute lil thing… hey you over there, put down your laptop, get out your notebook and open a textbook, mkay? Oh well. He got stuff done at least!

This year, I’m doing this differently, I’m not doing that. I don’t want to do that. There’s only two ways that road can lead.

Road one is not fun for anyone, and far more personal than I want this blog to be. Road two is the average Instagram account, in which everything would just feel so fake that it wouldn’t be me.

So here’s all I’ll say. This has been the worst year of my life. I’m trying, I’m trying my best. If that means anything.

I’m alive, I’m here, I’ve got the next 4 years of my life loosely planned out for me. I somehow managed to find a relationship, lord knows how. I’ll find myself.

Maybe your 2023 went great, I’m glad. Maybe your 2023 sucked, but hey, here’s to the dream of a killer 2024.

Be kind to yourselves. You all deserve it. Take a break. Love people. I love you all. Thanks for being here. And be kind to yourselves, again.

— sink.